For over ten years, Alvik has been pushing the boundaries between pop, folk, jazz and electronic music. Based in Prague and across Europe, this is the crew that makes it happen :

Fans waited 4 years for a new album from the international cross-over music project Alvik. With Your Name Here they deliver, dancing across the lines between styles like never before. Your Name Here... the title offers many meanings. Anya shares her’s „The album is named for one of the songs on the album about a relationship that never was. It’s one of those simple stories that probably everybody has had at one time or another in their life.


Anya has been singing since childhood in various musical projects from pop and folk styles to drone and punk bands. Expatriated from her native United States now for 12 years, she has been living in Paris for the last 8 years working as a director and editor in film, video and commercial productions.


Mishan, the founding member of alvik, started out as a rock drummer and guitarist before quickly rising to the cream of the crop of European music producers for a number of styles.

He has created his own label, little m, to host many of the various music projects he records in his Prague studio including Alvik. When he’s not up to his own projects, he also works as a sound designer and mixer for feature films.

As the producer of alvik, he is responsible for their signature sound.


Audun is a Oslo/Berlin-based musician and an independent film-maker. His film projects, many of them for humanitarian NGOs, often take him on long shoots in India and Africa. Hailing from Norway originally, Audun has always been involved in music - whether as an accompanist, rock band keyboard player or film music composer.


Petr has been playing bass professionally since 1997 and joined alvik in 2004. He is a trained jazzman, but also dips his fingers into a variety of alternative projects spanning electronic, experimental, latin and rock styles. Graduate of the Jaroslav Jezek conservatory, today Petr has taken up graduate level studies of jazz bass at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. He is pursuing his studies on an electro-acoustic double bass of his own design, constructed by violin maker Jiřím Petlach.


Bharata is the hornman which has never touched an axe he couldn’t handle. Passing effortlessly between flute, trumpet, French horn, alto, tenor, soprano or baritone sax – he adds the spice of his jazz-based but quite diverse musical background stretching from classical and reggae into latin and free jazz. Graduate of the Jaroslav Jezek conservatory in Prague, he is also leader of the jazz group Rajnosek b band.


Gyomh is the magician of the images creating live visual content and video mixing for alvik concerts as well as directing many of their video clips. Based in France just north of Paris, he is a specialist in alternative video techniques and special effects – directing commercial and independent projects over the last 15 years.

He collaborates with a variety of other music and performance groups across Europe.